Endurax ShellX P01 Extra Large Drone Backpack

One of the hot selling and best selling camera backpack on Endurax. With the special hardshell protection, the customizable dividers, and laptop compartment can protect your mirrorless cameras, lenses, and digital camera devices, and your drones.


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What Does Endurax Fans Say?

Leuphis M.

Terrific Structured Camera Backpacks

Amazing quality for the price and has a large storage capacity. I have always shopped around for a new camera bag to fit all my gear and this is the one I'm glad I stumbled upon.

I can fit my Nikon D5100 body with 4 lenses, a gopro with all my gopro accessories, a few camera batteries a flash and portable battery chargers. In terms of comfort it has a good amount of shoulder padding and weight distribution straps on it to adjust the comfort. It has a nice zipper and two side pockets that can extend to fit a tripod or water bottle on either side. Also you can lock up your bag with a small lock through the zippers if need be.

Overall, love the bag and would recommend anyone get it is they are looking for a decent sized backpack that fits a lot of gear.

Jason P.


I am a videographer and photographer. I tried a lot of different options, but this, this is incredible.

I have 2 DSLR bodies, 3 lenses, a mavic 2 zoom drone, a DJI Ronin S Gimbal, a small shotgun mic, 4 large batteries for lights, chargers, and lots of other assorted items, chargers, and power cables inside.

The padding is completely customizeable. There are two large compartments, but you can remove the barrier to make one large compartment, there's a great extra hard case on the front, and it even comes with an extra small camera carry bag.

This bag is really amazing. Great design, great to use.

Priscilla Fluere

Clean Lines, Structured Tailored Backpack

I never liked having a backpack camera bag. I prefer having the messenger bag style, but no other messenger bag style seemed to be able to contain my camera, microphone and extra lens.

Not only does this camera bag fit all those needs, I also got a backpack with it to make traveling for work much easier.

I am going to keep the small messenger style bag at my job and keep the backpack at home just in case for travel. The build quality seems very sturdy and the zippers are well made. The backpack can stand on its own, which I didn't realize was such a perk until I put it down for the first time. I can't wait to travel with it.

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