How to choose perfect light and sturdy camera tripod for your camera?

As tanner said in the article of “Best Tripods For Photographers”, camera tripod is one of the important accessories for any photographer.

When taking photos, a practical camera tripod may not always required, but if you have owned one, you will find that a reliable camera tripod have become one of the most important tool no matter where you take adventure.

You may be a wildlife photographer that usually use very heavy lens, may be you are photographer that have your own photo studio and shooting for people, or a landscape photographer waiting for that one ideal moment of light. A camera tripod enable you have more chance and possibilities to create epic photos. With simple setting and extending, camera tripod can help you take better photos such as you want to take a photo from the height of 160cm or get a hard to reach angle.

A reliable camera tripod is not only important than a sharp and high resolution lens, or a high-megapixel sensor, it also can keep your gear safe at the same time, fix your camera on the tripod letting your gear won’t hit onto rocks or floor.

For a excellent photographer, one of the best investment in his career must include a sturdy, dependable camera tripod. Or, put it another way, though camera tripod can’t be compared to a camera body or lens on its price, but it do very important.

When it comes to a light and sturdy camera tripod, Endurax 66" Video Camera Tripod could be one of the great choice.


Tripods range in size from mini tripods that fit in your pocket, travel tripods that are perfect for camera bags and professional studio tripods capable of securely supporting the heaviest professional cameras. Make sure you buy the right size tripod for your needs. If you plan to use your tripod in a studio or at home, a larger more solid tripod may be your preferred choice. But if you will be traveling with your tripod, this Endurax camera tripod measures 18"collapsed, it’s easy to carry and use with your camera backpack on your traveling.


The weight of a tripod is one of most important aspects to consider if you will be carrying your tripod. In addition to size, weight is influenced by what material the tripod is made of. This 66’’ Video Camera Tripod was built with premium aluminum tube, precision-injected plastic pan head, the net weight is 3.3 lb, obviously it’s strong and lightweight for photographers to carry wherever they go.


To function well a tripod must be free from movement and shake. A quality tripod has secure connections at all joints and is made of rigid materials that do not flex or bend. Quality in both design and materials is key. In order the get better stability, Endurax 66’’ camera tripod designed non-slip rubber for every feet of the tripod, then the tripod won’t slip on rough terrain, which help photographers take stunning photos.

Camera/Device Type

For the best results match your tripod to type of device, you have to make sure the type of your camera are match the tripod, this Endurax video 66’’ camera tripod’s 1/4" quick release plates compatible with DSLR camera like Canon, Nikon and Sony, etc.

Wide variety of uses

Tripods may have many different features that add value to certain types of photography. Except help to holding camera when photographers taking photos, its special design, for example, smooth 3-way pan head with 360°degrees rotation and tilt & vertical angle adjustment made itself handy to fix a perfect shooting angle, comes with phone holder great for Youtube live streaming, taking selfish or more.

There are many benefits to using a tripod, and it’s not just about getting sharp images. In fact, one of the biggest benefits is that using one simply forces you to slow down, think about your precise composition and framing, and make sure that each click of the shutter counts.

When choosing a perfect camera tripod that match your own photography habits, you don’t have to spend a lot to get the durable, long-lasting quality tripod, cause even if your budget is limited, you still can find a good quality options. When you are looking for a tripod that light, tall, stiff, durable, I think Enduarx 66’’ video camera tripod have be included in your list.

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