The Best waterproof camera backpack & daypack in 2020

Whether you take pictures for business or pleasure, ensuring that your much-loved and expensive collection of cameras, drones, lenses, and other items are well-protected on the road is key to capturing those impressive images every time.

However, you choose to travel, keep your camera safe using specially designed camera bags will ensure everything is protected from dents, knocks, damage, and even the elements.

When considering a camera backpack, the bag you choose will need to be roomy enough to fit your camera, lenses, charger, spare batteries, and any other accessories you need to capture epic images. The amount of supporting gear you want to carry will pretty much dictate the size of the bag you need.

Even the smallest of camera bags will need space to carry SD cards, batteries, and chargers (otherwise there is no point in carrying it!). Before you commit to an expensive, hip-looking camera sling, write out a list of everything you want to take with you, and find something that can comfortably hold all your items without damaging delicate and expensive equipment.

If you’re looking for the ultimate bag to protect your camera and equipment that’s lightweight and durable enough to take everywhere, check out this Endurax Waterproof Vintage camera backpack!

Size and Capacity

The Enduarx Waterproof camera backpack is designed with the concept of carrying enough camera equipment and can be turned to daypack.

In terms of carrying capacity, the 42L version of the Endurax water backpack can fit a helluva lot of gear - pro-size camera body with lens attached, multiple lenses, flashes and more, this camera backpack also comes with a 15.6’’ padded laptop pocket compartment.

Material & Durability

If you like to take pictures, chances are you don’t limit yourself to just shooting indoors. Weather conditions are a constant consideration for photographers, and ensuring your camera equipment remains safe and dry is of paramount importance. A truly waterproof bag provides assurance that valuable electronics do not get wet.

Endurax waterproof camera backpack is made from waterproof polyester, which makes the surface of the backpack is water-resistant & durable for many occasions. Polyester has a high resistance to ultra-violet degradation. Continuous exposure can cause cracking or disintegration of the material so the UV resistance adds extra protection to the backpack.


Photographers don’t sit still for long. Chasing that perfect picture will likely involve some car, bus, or even air travel. You might even need to get yourself across vast, difficult terrains to find the perfect spot to shoot. With this in mind, buying a bag that is hard to carry or uncomfortable to wear is a definite no-no!

Endurax waterproof vintage backpack was featured with comfy and airflow back padding & shoulder strap, greatly decrease fatigue and load while carrying heavy photography gears, provide cushioning and enhance ventilation at the same time.


For most camera bags. Photographers can do some level of customization, meaning that you can make them more comfortable to carry as well as transforming them into the perfect space for all your supplies. On the outside, straps can be used over your shoulders or cross-body, while internal compartments can be rearranged to fit your needs.

Featuring dual compartments design made Endurax vintage camera backpack easy to organize, upper part with 5 mesh pockets to fit clothes and other small photography accessories; lower compartment fits insert messenger camera bag or other belongings, internal padded laptop compartment can fit any 15.6" laptop with ease.

This Endurax camera backpack also equip with several internal organizers, these dividers are important to ensure you can accommodate a variety of lens kits, as you may need to use different size lenses for different shots.

Casual look

If you want a stylish backpack that is comfortable to carry and offers multiple organisation options, the Vintage camera backpack is good choice. It’s innovative, stylish, functional, durable, with everything backed up by Endurax’s lifetime warranty.

This water-resistant vintage canvas backpack has been designed with the needs of photographers enjoy traveling through the city. With its chic modern look and clean aesthetic, with no fancy logo and a sleek minimalist design, this is a discreet but cleverly designed camera bag that will keep your gear safe without drawing too much attention to it, keep your kit safe while you travel.

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