Featured it the best functions for your camera gear - Hardshell backpack

You will often find that photographers arguing about some things with each other, argue about the best camera style, argue about the benefits of a backpack-style shoulder holster and so on argument. One of the major points of contention, however, is whether a hard shell or a soft side camera bag is best.

The difference between the two is very similar to the difference between the traditional hard shell luggage and soft luggage shell. Camera hard shell made of injection molded hard plastic, while soft camera usually made from high denier nylon.

1. Protection
Obviously, some photographers choose hardshell case because they are protective. If you are traveling around the world and have to check your camera bag, you’ll probably feel better with a hardshell backpack. You don’t want to see your photos and camera gear at the bottom of the river when your backpack fell into the water. A hardshell backpack can save your thousands of dollars worth of camera.

2. Durability
Hard shell backpack is famously durable, and its overall quality has improved dramatically in recent years.Now hard shell backpack is made of softer material that actually flexes to absorb impact while remaining practically indestructible. For example, Our Endurax ShellX P01 camera bag apply the PVA plastic to make the hardshell, lightweight and protective.

Hardshell materials means it’s the perfect place for popular carry-on items like laptops, iPads, cameras and other fragile electronics. Not only does hard shell camera bag offer reliable protection from hard knocks and rough handling, it’s much easier to keep dry in rain, snow or puddles.

3. Upkeep
Another big advantage to taking hard shell camera backpack is that it’s easy to keep clean because of its hardshell. When something dirty soiled your backpack, the hardshell outside is easy to clean, a hard shell backpack just needs a quick wipe with a wet or dry cloth to be clean again. Because the space inside a hard shell case is not lined with fabric; it also means that if your toiletries spill inside your bag, there will be no long-term damage.

4. Versatility
Hard-sided backpack allow you to pack two sides equally and stabilise the contents with an interior strap or a middle divider. For Endurax hardshallX P10 backpack, there are upper compartment with PVA hardshell, with no divider, you can get a larger space for storing.

You can express your sense of personal style on the hardshell backpack, like decorate it with britht and bold stickers, and you can esay to change it with the change of your mood, which make it can be spotted easily on a baggage carousel if you ever do decide to check it in. The same goes for Endurax drones & camera backpack, we oftern received pictures from our customers all over the world, and in those pictures, there are all kinds of stickers on the hard shell, like smiley face, cartoon characters they favoited, words stickers and so on, which showed their personality.

Besides, it can even be lighter than some soft shell one! Sturdy, safe, and light, It doesn’t get much better than that.

There are many benefits to using hard shell camera backpack as your carry-on, particularly if you are a frequent traveler or advanturer who likes to get in different places. In terms of protecting your valuables, hard shell camera bags will invariably do a better job and it will also absorb knocks and jostles. Hard-shell backpack is the way to go for modern travellers, especially the lightweight models.

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