How to choose a right backpack for your camera gear on different trips?

Backpacks have become extremely popular choices for many photographers. One of the reasons for this is its functionality. They come in different sizes and the storing space can be really large, so you can put in more than just your photography gear. Your backpack can accommodate not only camera accessories, but also other items like extra clothing, camping bag, and your mobile phone.

Using the right camera bag is important because it is the main thing that you use to securely carry and transport your camera gear. As there are quite a lot of choices in the market nowadays, choosing one camera backpack that’s good, dependable, functional, sturdy, and right can be quite difficult.

And for different purposes and different functions, the materials and sizes the camera backpack are featured with are different.

Thus, to help you deal with this dilemma, here are some tips that you can use as a guide when buying a camera bag in Endurax.

If you plan to go somewhere extremely environment like some caves, you must be hoping have a backpack that can protect your camera gear completely.

This Endurax DSLR Camera Backpack with 3D-Protective Design will fit your need of 360°protection.

This camera backpack is made from high-density water-resistant polyester, and this 3D-protective design features a hard and over-around bag PVA surface, which protects the camera compartment keeping DSLR and accessories safe from impact and damage, at the same time, it features the function to resistance the water and dirt and keep your photography equipment in clear.

If you are planning to set off for a long-term travel like 8-10 days travel, we were very honored to introduce Endurax Large Camera DSLR/SLR Backpack for Outdoor Hiking.

This style of backpack is definitely specially designed for backpackers and long-term travelers. The large storing space can hold 1 camera body and 3 lenses, your GoPro camera if you have one, batteries for camera, remote control for camera, cables, multi charger, batteries chargers etc., You can also put your tripod on either side. With the full equipment, you still walk nice in the airports because of its easy-to-carry.

If you walked with a camera on streets and lanes in the cities a lot, Endurax Waterproof Camera Backpack with Build-in DSLR Shoulder Photographer Bag are 100% practical for the usage of storing camera gear or giving fashion look.

As a professional camera bag, Endurax applies innovative and convertible design when designing this backpack. It has an innovative drawer-like lower compartment with a build-in camera shoulder bag that can be used separately; and for the main camera backpack, it can be easily converted to a daily use 15.6" laptop backpack. Also, this backpack has impressive storage capacity, your camera, lenses, laptop, travel tripod, and there are tons of pocket for the little stuff, extra battery, SD cards, charger, lens cap, cleaning kits and so on. And one of the main points is, the backpack will sit nice on the back, doesn’t look too bulky.

As a causal backpack for daily use, Endurax specially designed it with simple appearance, you can see this style backpack are distinct different from other functional camera backpacks, it has a better look. Now the most popular style for clothing and bags is simple, fresh, generous, Endurax knows it and follows this trend. Due to the original function of storing camera gear, you won’t doubt its storage capacity, this backpack for sure can meet your needs of putting personal stuffs easily.

If you usually pack drones and camera in your every trip, you should definitely take Endurax drone & Camera Backpack into consideration. It can enable you carry drone and camera at the same time. Endurax designed a secure house and a layer to keep your drone safe, which has plenty of thoughtful design room for batteries, transmitter, tools & spare parts plus dedicated spaces for up to 17" laptop & tablet. Besides, this backpack featured with PVA hardshell too! It can provide rugged protection for your precious equipment. Therefore, this backpack also can be your good choice.

According to different purposes, you should choose different camera backpack, before you head out and shoot, take care of your camera and your photography paraphernalia first. Find a right backpack for your camera gear.

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