Why Endurax 66’’ tripod are more stable when taking photos?

If you want to capture the stars at night, or convey the movement of water in a waterfall, or take a panoramic landscape shot… or just want a way to take selfie on the top of the mountain?

Obviously, if you want to captures, you have to choose an affordable, reliable way to steady your tripod for your DSLR/Camera. When a tripod is fully set up, it has to withstand not only wind, but also occasional bumps and knocks that might happen in the field.

Endurax is a global company that has been creating high quality products for photographers and outdoor enthusiasts for over 10 years. We constantly work on innovating, staying ahead, and keeping customers happy. We know that stability are one of the main points that customer value most, and we valued it too.

Why we said Endurax 66’’ tripod are more stable when taking photos?

This Endurax 66’’ tripod is fully plastic, which means that the weight is kept down significantly while not sacrificing functionality. Being such a light tripod, It’s built solid, has a sturdy frame and features, customers may concern about how much weight you could put on it, especially when the tripod is fully extended. In fact, If people use lightweight items like a cell phone, action cam, or flash memory HD camcorder on it, it’s surely stable, besides, put their camera on the tripod plate even a fairly big and heavy one, you will find that it holds up pretty well.

Grippy rubber feet

Tripods tend to be designed with small rubber feet, which are designed for use on softer surfaces such as grass, and some advanced tripods will allow you to replace tripod feet for different conditions and situations
So if you tend to shoot in these conditions, you may find using these provides better grip than the rubber feet. Besides, Endurax designed Tripod has grippy rubber feet, which expose spikes when twisted, which can fit various terrain.

5 legs design

Made of premium aluminum tube, the thicker, upper leg sections are stronger and give a slight advantage in tripod stability.

To ensure the tripod is as stable as possible, Endurax designed 5 legs structure, this has four extensions rather than three to featured it better stability, and thicker tripod leg sections give you more stability too.

You can extend the legs in the right order, this Endurax 66“ tripod have four leg sections per leg, and the first ones you should extend are the thickest, uppermost sections. If extending this first section doesn’t provide the height you need, extend the next section along (the second-thickest section), before moving to the next ones if you need to.

Hook is available

Many tripods have a small hook on the underside of the centre column, and this allows you to hang a bag or weight of some kind for extra stability. So do Ednurax tripod. For this hook of the centre column, you can hand a heavy load or bag to enhance stability. This is particularly useful in windier conditions, or when there may be any vibrations in the environment, such as from nearby traffic. And the premium aluminum tube structure make it is enough strong to hold the weight.

Tight and solid tripod body

To function well a tripod must be free from movement and shake. A quality tripod has secure connections at all joints and is made of rigid materials that do not flex or bend. Quality in both design and materials is key.

Endurax 66’’ tripod are designed with simple clasp locks that make it easy to secure and release a leg section, as they can only be set to one of two positions. Tripod and heads are sufficiently tightened so that nothing moves during the exposure.

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