The description mentions foam in the sides. Am I correct in assuming that there is foam in the front and back too?

Hi, the camera backpack side constructed with foam to protect your cameras and hold the shape, the back with breathable padding for providing great carrying comfort , but there is no foam in the front of this bag.

Are the dividers velcro, so you can reorganize the inside to your items?

yes, the dividers of Endurax camera backpack are velcro, also they can be adjusted to accommodate your gear.

Can I remove all insidd dividers or just the small ones? Want to make sure to also fit my small gimbal in it, which is kinda lengthy!

Hi, yes, you can reconfigure the camera backpack as needed with included dividers, the dividers inside are completely removable.

Will this hold a nikon d500 and a nikon 200-500mm lens?

the internal dimension of this camera laptop backpack main compartment is 10.6x 5.3x 15 inches, as I check the dimension of Nikon 200-500 is 4.25 x 10.5 inches, and dimension of Nikon D500 is 5.8x 3.2x 4.5 inches, I am assuming it would be a little tight if you place the camera with lens attached vertically, but it would be no problem to place them all in the bag, you can reconfigure the bag as needed with included dividers. And still have room for other photography accessories. Hope my answer helps.

I have a Nikon P530 and sony mirrorless a 6000, and a lens, will it fit both of them?

Hi, yes, this camera backpack is roomy enough to fit your gears, also the dividers of this camera bag are velcro and can be organized to your liking, will fit your cameras perfectly.

Will an Ipad and a laptop fit in this camera bag?

Hi, yes ,there is a separated compartment for a 15.6 inch laptop, and there is an accessories front pocket with IPAD sleeve. It will fit all your must-have photography gears and personal items.

I have a 10x15.5 inch laptop, will that fit in the laptop area of the bag?

my laptop is 9.8x 14.7 inch, it fits perfect and still have some storage, so I think your laptop would be okay but a little tight. This camera backpack features a 15.6 inch laptop and 2 cameras 4 lenses, flash and other accessories. If you are looking for a camera and laptop backpack this would be perfect.

Will this keep my camera dry if it fell into a lake?

Hi, the camera backpack comes with a waterproof rain cover that covers the entire bag, the material made from high quality water resistant fabric, so it would be no problem to carry it in rain for a min amount of time, but it can't keep your camera dry if it fell into a lake.

Will aiports let you use this as a carryon

Hi there, the dimension of TUBU 6070 camera laptop backpack is 17 x 12 x 8 inches, as I checked the carry-on baggage restrictions of some flights, like DELTA, United, Jet Blue, NorthWest flights, they both required baggage must meet carry on size limits 22" x 14" x 9" , and baggage may not exceed 45 linear inches in combined length, width and height. The total linear dimensions of our bag add up to 37, so yes, it would work as a carry-on bag. (We also received feedbacks from customers who already took this camera bag on plane , they said it's perfect.) But I am not 100% sure due to each flight has different carry-on baggage restrictions, it depends on the airline and your specific flight, I am assuming it compatible with most of flight. Hope my answer helps.

I have a panasonic hc-x1000 video camera. will i be able to use this bag for it?

Hi, I don't have a video camera like that, I could tell that the internal size of this laptop camera backpack is 17x10.7x5 inches, you could check if it would fit your video camera.