What’s the advantage of Endurax drone & camera backpack?

Endurax bags have been loved and worn by people from different places, we are so grateful for the positive reactions we continue to receive from people who are crazy about our products, and this power have pushed us to create greater product all the way.

To create and improve our bags better, we dug deep on the reviews from customer worldwide and went through long time of testing to create a product that we were confident was one of the most cost effective and functional bags on the market.

Here are some of the advantages we've featured to this drone & camera bag, making them the bags you love, but even better.

Outstanding Appearance

It’s stylish, well crafted, and thought out. Zippers have large Pull loops, making it affective if you were wearing gloves in cold weather.

Black-Red color scheme is always the best match to give a comfortable appearance design that customers are looking for. Red color make a different on the black background. Not only the hardshell apply this color scheme, but the zippers too!

Hard outer shell protection

We often hear people say “I wanted something with a hard case to protect my camera and drone when out and about with them. One of my requirements though was that it also had to be able to hold a laptop and tablet, it’s really hard to find a bag that does laptop, tablet, and camera/drone.” This kind of thought inspired us a lot when we designing camera bag.

Are you worry that soft pack might not offer the protection you expect with gear that expensive? Endurax ShellX P01 Drone & Camera Bag’s both upper and lower compartment have been designed hard outer shell to provide maximum protection, its feels is very strong that can very convince you that it can protect your gear well. It’s designed to really protect what’s inside! There is enough protection for the gear that nothing will be damaged while riding a bike or hiking.

Large and adjustable space

Apparently, the padding in the pack is amazing and totally customizable. Roomy and allows for unlimited configurations. You can get it to hold just about everything I need –1-2 DSLR cameras, 2-3 lenses, travel tripod on the side and a small drone along with a laptop in the back. It will hold more than you want to carry yet full or almost empty. Not only did everything fit inside of the Endurax bag, but you actually have more room to put even more stuff if you want to.

The padding comes in pieces and you put it together according to your needs, the main compartment is very spacious. The velcro on the compartment dividers attaches nicely to the material lining the main compartment and have a strong hold. If you looking for a case for the Mavic 2 and whatever else you want to bring along in the world of photography, this would be a great choice! In Endurax drone & camera bag, everything can has its own place.

Distributes weight very well

When you just getting into photography or drone field, you’d better to find a pack to your precious gear.

Though your drone case is protective, but it’s bulky at the same time. That’s why we improve the carry capacity, this Endurax backpack have a quality build, the weight distribution is good with the waist and chest straps, thus, it’s easy to carry even it have been loaded fully, cause the hip belt helps distribute the weight.

The waist strap takes the 40lb weight off by almost half, just like you are capable to crush a 12-mile hike with ease. With Endurax drone & camera backpack, you can go further.

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